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from our office and around the industry.

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Craving something sweet? Thumbnail

Craving something sweet?

Jen definitely is! Before the baby pops, we figured that we needed an excuse to try another recipe from the Solutions magazine. Give this recipe a try and let us know how you did!

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Apples Apples Everywhere! Thumbnail

Apples Apples Everywhere!

Apple picking season is in full swing! A few of our staff went a bit overboard this year and are now left wondering what to do with all those apples?! We've made crumbles, pies, fried apple sides and jars upon jars of applesauce! After all those sweet takes on apple dishes, we're ready to try something a little more savory. This recipe, Maple Braised Apples and Pork, from the Solutions Magazine caught our eye with a tasty combo of maple, apples and sage. We hope you enjoy giving this one a try!

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Making Sense of Life Insurance Thumbnail

Making Sense of Life Insurance

What would be the financial impact to your loved ones, if you were no longer living? Life insurance can help your family carry on without the added strain of any financial worries. This doesn’t have to be complicated! Start the conversation – you might be surprised at how easy the process can be. As always, our Team is here to help. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

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First Job, First Paycheque, What's Next? Thumbnail

First Job, First Paycheque, What's Next?

Has your teen recently started to work? Is that paycheque instantly disappearing on food, fun, and friends? Here are some quick tips on how to guide your teen into managing their new financial freedom and establishing financially healthy habits. For more information on different savings accounts, feel free to contact us here at Valcore Planning Solutions!

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The Government Covered 20% of My Vacation Thumbnail

The Government Covered 20% of My Vacation

My Dad asked us how much he owed us for the vacation rental. Nothing, we replied. The government was already going to be covering 20% of the trip! Not lost on him, the very next question was how we got the government to cover 20% of our trip. Easy, I replied, we didn’t have to ask at all, they just offered.

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Housing Affordability Thumbnail

Housing Affordability

Housing affordability continues to be a pain point for investors and savers looking to purchase a home in the next couple of years. Starting in 2023, the government of Canada will introduce a new Tax Free Savings account for Canadians looking to purchase a first home. [Globe and Mail]

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