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Cottage Talks-

You can’t spend an afternoon paddling on the river, or jumping off a dock without wondering where we, as Canadians, would be without life at the cottage. Whether it’s your own cottage, a friends, or your parents place you have been going since you were a kid, the joy of living closer to nature - with the bugs, the geese, the loons, and everything in between is an amazing experience. Unfortunately, this asset can also become a source of stress as aging owners start to ponder how to pass on the family cottage to the next generation. Skyrocketing property values over the years has made this planning a priority. 

We know this can be a challenging time for many, and we invite you to join us for a timely presentation on July 5th at 6pm with Jaqueline Power, Assistant Vice President Tax and Estate at Mackenzie Investments. Jackie will walk through the various tools and tax planning strategies to ensure a smooth transition, including taxation of cottage properties, principal residence exemption, succession planning strategies and more. 

Please join us as we host Jacqueline Power, Assistant Vice President Tax and Estate at Mackenzie Investments, for a virtual webinar as she shares her outlook on Cottage Planning, followed by Q&A.

WHEN:         July 5th at 6:00 PM EST

WHERE:        Webinar Registration - Zoom

You’ll hear:

  • Taxation of Cottage Properties
  • Principal Residence Exemption 
  • Succession Planning Strategies 
  • Decision-making considerations 
  • The Use of Trusts 
  • Cross-Provincial border differences - Quebec cottages

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